True Nature Centre

True Nature Centre was created to develop, expand, nurture and protect the principles which we hold dear. Principles like support, understanding, respect, healing, spiritual growth and inner peace. We are not a religious group, nor are we affiliated with any religion. We are a purpose-driven non-denominational Centre that provides a simple shortcut for people to find true inner peace in themselves and their lives.

Our vision is for every member of humanity to reach inner peace by freely living their true nature.

True Nature Centre was founded by Elysha and Julie Sarah Powell in New Zealand. Since then we have moved to live in England to continue our work here. We are both spiritual teachers who gently guide those who wish to be free of their pain, to the inner peace of their true nature.

We offer our many products as a spiritual gift to those of you all over the world who are ready to live as your true self. Our intent is and has always been, to serve humanity and Earth by spreading this message the world over.

For those of us who’ve been touched by the spiritual power of this simple awareness, this wonderful gift, there’s nothing greater or more beautiful. Happiness – true happiness – and inner peace really is simple. And the best part is that they are completely within your reach.

Phu Tran is also a part of the Centre. He is a photographer and graphic artist, and he has created the beautiful inspirational wallpaper quotes that we have available. Kirsten has given assistance with some editing and photography, and she also helped Julie to edit A Simple Shortcut to Inner Peace & Joy: Living Your True Nature.

You too are part of our spiritual community. We all need to protect the space where this important spiritual work happens. We need to protect the Earth and our place on it. Your continued spiritual growth is vastly important, so we keep spreading knowledge through our writing and our example.

Explore this website, to uncover the simple riches that have been made available here, and let them reach deep into the core of you. You are part of this story.

With love and gratitude,

True Nature Centre Team

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